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Expert Estate Planning in El Dorado County, California

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Estate planning allows you to legally determine how your assets will be used or distributed should you be incapacitated or die. While creating a will is important, it is only one part of your estate plan. You can likely benefit from having an experienced estate planning attorney design a comprehensive plan that many include additional documents, such as a revocable living trust, an end-of-life plan, power of attorney, and advance health care directive. Clara Yang will create an individual estate plan tailored to your wishes, in order to protect the best interests of yourself and your loved ones.

What Constitutes Your Estate?

When you hear the term “estate,” you may think first of your home or other real estate. While real estate may be an important part of your overall estate, your entire estate includes all of your assets, including banking accounts, life insurance, pensions, personal belongings and even any outstanding debts. Clara Yang will assist you to identify any assets that should be included in your estate plan, ensuring that your entire estate is covered by your plan.

Who Needs Estate Planning?

It may surprise you that estate planning is a good idea for everyone, no matter the size of their estate. You may have sentimental keepsakes meant for a particular heir, a savings account to help your child through college, or a retirement account earmarked for your spouse. The only way to be sure that you, and not a probate court, directs the distribution of these assets is by creating a legally solid estate plan.
Estate planning also ensures any taxes, expenses and debts are properly accounted for without leaving any unexpected financial burden on your family members. 

The Estate Planning Expert You Deserve

You and your family need and deserve a complete, carefully crafted estate plan. Clara Yang will use the best estate planning practices, designed specifically for you, no matter your assets or stage in life. When you’re ready to make these important decisions, schedule a consultation with Clara.
Even if you have already created an estate plan, your plan should remain flexible. As you acquire or divest assets, or your family situation changes, your estate plan should be periodically updated. Clara will assist you with any modifications you need to your plan. Call the Law Office of Clara Yang for an appointment.