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Prenuptial Agreement for Seniors

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People are living longer than ever, and many people marry or remarry in middle and later life. These individuals may have significant separate property assets that may be affected by marriage. If you have an estate plan in place, marriage may even affect your estate plan without your realizing it. It is a good idea to consider these issues before marriage, and to have a prenuptial agreement in place to address them.

A prenuptial agreement at this stage of your life doesn’t mean you don’t trust your prospective spouse or that you are planning a divorce. A prenuptial agreement simply shows that you recognize the serious aspects of an upcoming commitment of marriage and understand that certain legal obligations come with that commitment. The responsible course is to plan ahead to ensure that you and your loved ones are protected from any unexpected issues.

If you are marrying later in life, we highly recommend that you prepare for the legal and financial impacts of a new marriage. Clara Yang has years of experience helping people like you, and will guide you in this process. Give Clara Yang a call.